What is e-allocator ?

e-allocator is an on-line scheduling system tailored for groups and clubs with private membership. e-allocator has been running since 1999, providing a web-based booking system for thousands of users across a wide range of applications such as private aircraft and boat ownership syndicates, sports and recreational clubs, and time-share facilities.

e-allocator allows members of your club or group to make on-line bookings for whatever resources are shared among the membership, because the system is generic; configurable to your specific requirements.

This is not a system for booking flights, hotel rooms or theatre tickets; it is your organization's or group's resources that the system allocates.

Here are some possible scenarios where e-allocator could be used:

  • You run a club or group, and you would like to allow club members to make reservations for club facilities.
  • You are a part-owner of a light aircraft or boat, in which co-owners allocate time slots for themselves to use the resource.
  • You hire out conference rooms, lecture rooms, banqueting facilities or guest rooms, and you need an on-line booking system you and your staff can use to allocate resources to customers.

Why a web-based booking system ?

There's no point using technology for technology's sake when a paper diary will do the job perfectly well.  However, if you would like your staff / group members to see or make bookings from more than one location, an internet-based solution may well be advantageous. Why not try the live demo, and then take e-allocator for a trial-run to see if it's suitable for your own application - it's free!


We treat all information you provide to us or enter into the system, in the strictest of confidence.  We will not divulge your e-mail address or any other personal information to any other company or organization, or any person outside of your own private group. Group members are able to view the membership roster of their own group only, which includes the names and email addresses of their fellow group members.

How much does it cost ?

e-allocator is free for a 30-day trial period. At the end of the trial period, your group may opt to continue using e-allocator for a fee. Your group may opt for monthly, quarterly or annual billing in a choice of currencies (there's a discount for quarterly or annual billing). Payment is accepted by credit/debit card.

  • Prices will be shown here when online

Billing cycle discounts

  • Billing cycle discounts will be shown here when online

VAT is payable for all customers in the UK. If you live outside of the UK, you will not pay any VAT.

System requirements

e-allocator works with most up-to-date web browsers, and requires "first party" cookies to be enabled in your web browser's settings; this is usually the default setting, so in most cases you don't need to change anything. e-allocator does not use any persistent cookies to track your behaviour, or any analytical tracking tools or advertising tracking cookies whatsoever.

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