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Troubleshooting Tips

If you're having problems logging into e-allocator or navigating around your group's diary after logging in, here are a few self-help actions to try before contacting us:
  • Clear your browser cache. Exactly how you do this will depend on the paricular web browser you're using. For example, in Microsoft Internet Explorer, choose Tools, Internet Options, Delete Files. In Mozilla, it's Edit, Preferneces, Advanced, Cache, Clear Cache.
  • Make sure your web browser has Cookies enabled. e-allocator requires "first party" cookies (i.e. those from the originating web site only) to be enabled. If your browser is set to accept "third party" cookies (a more permissive setting), this is also satisfactory from the standpoint of e-allocator, since first party cookies are implicitly enabled.
  • If you're using Microsoft Internet Explorer, add e-allocator.com to your list of Trusted sites in the Security panel (under Tools, Internet Options).
  • If you are using any Parental Control software, try disabling it - some users have reported that parental control software can interfere with e-allocator.
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